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The Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery is a public site, free to all who use it. We are hosted on and we have limited ways of raising revenue such as carrying Google adSense advertising, being affiliated with (so please use the link from this site when visiting Amazon to purchase anything), and having a small gift shop on

About The Cats

All the cats are formed from a 20mm diameter sphere of blu-tack (which is now a bit manky from the things its been in contact with).

Initially the studio where the deaths were performed was the case of the nearest computer, however now most deaths are done in a temporary studio made from three sheets of A4, one for the floor and two celotaped together to form a curved wall. The temporary studio allows us to take advantage of the natural light.

About The Site

The Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery started as a single page featuring 'Splat' and a handfull of other images on a local intranet in January 1999. In July 2000 following an update it was first published on the wider internet by being hosted on, and in April 2001 following another upgrade, it moved to its current home on (if you are interested in the hosting service then please either contact us at or contact our hosts at

The site is all done using HTML and client side JavaScript, so yes it is possible to rip off the code for all the games and other neat features - however if you do want to use the code we would appreciate being acknowledged as the source as all the site content is original (p.s. If you like any of the features we have implemented and would be interested in having similar work done on your site please drop us a line at

In order to manage all the images and the pages, the site is actually built from a database. We have a custom page generator which publishes each page in turn as flat HTML and client side JavaScript so we can do content changes on the database and just press a button to rebuild the site (again if you are interested in this technology drop us a line at

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