Destroy its structure, destroy the object...

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Dropped from 30,000 feet - (Splat!)

Dropped from 30,000 feet - (Splat!) Epitaph:

It is a common belief that cats always land on their feet. Well I say 'not if you drop them from the correct altitude'.


Skinned Epitaph:

Its traditional to turn tigers into carpets, so how about a cat into a mat

Made into a cat-suit

Made into a cat-suit Epitaph:

No good cat-burglar should be seen without one


Baloon Epitaph:

Insert baloon and pump your pussy up to the desired dimensions.


Flatline Epitaph:

You could always try giving your cat a near death experience...

Screwed up

Screwed up Epitaph:

A new twist for your cat

Crushed Home Page Dismembered

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