To destroy your blu-tack cat simply reduce to its constituent components...

Deformation Home Page Inspired

Sawn in half with a disk

Sawn in half with a disk Epitaph:

Often wondered how magicians lean the tricks of the trade? It is usually difficult to use real assistants because of the awkward questions and nasty smells when things go wrong. They resort to testing on animals, and here we have the results of an experiment gone wrong.

Remove its brain

Remove its brain Epitaph:

The way some cats behave, this may not be an effective means of demise.


Dismembered Epitaph:

The head bone's disconnected from the body bone, the body bone's disconnected from the tail bone…


Beheaded Epitaph:

Dont loos your head


Knife Epitaph:

Knife to see you, to see you knife. (redo with the cat being cut in half with the knife)

Deformation Home Page Inspired

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