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01 Feb 2005

Your website

Your website is dirty and it offends me very much, i think you should stop killing cats and be nice to them instead. you are a dirty poop-head! g'bye! Xxxx


25 Jun 2004

(no subject)

you forgot death by fire, ice....buried alive, consumed in a chinese meal....blown up with air like a baloon....sorry getting carried away now....but a cool and humourous site lol :-)


13 Jan 2004

one more thing

did you consider the 9-lives problem when using an EverReady battery? They have 9 lives.


13 Jan 2004

I laughed my ass off...thanks!


25 Dec 2003


cats i do not care for them... i thought your site wonderful! i think u should ad some pics of cats though... i mean dont kill any, that would b mean...not that they dont deserve it those bloodthirsty killers... maybe take pics of road kill lol that would be funny , well it is a briliant site, i am recomending it to every1!


27 Jun 2003


Your website is soooooo cool! I'm trying to tell my friends about it but they won't listen :) More cats, please! ais


20 Jan 2003


This is the best site i have seen in ages. i laughed till i cried. There is indeed no substance more amusing than Blu-tack (except maybe Spam, but that's really in a class of its own. maybe you should start making Spam cats.) A blutack fan


17 Nov 2002


So you just... gave up, on this site? Two years and nothing added? Why? It's oddly adorable and makes no sense, which is exactly what we need. Get to work, come on.

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