We've all heard of copy-cat killers, well sometimes one can take an existing concept and mutate it into a truly original new form...

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Put it in a blender then filter out the lumps

Put it in a blender then filter out the lumps Epitaph:

Mmmmm.... - the old joke about how do you make a cat drink


Cat-scan Epitaph:

The cat-scan people scan their moggies for posterity - I scan them posthumously, but for the best image quality I find it helps putting the lid down.

To see more scanned cats visit the Cat Scan site

Host for an Alien

Host for an Alien Epitaph:

Or how about breeding aliens in them when you run out of Sigorney Weavers.

Silent movie

Silent movie Epitaph:

Will our hero (hurraa) be in time to save pretty Ms Kitty from being splattered accross the embankment by the 8:15 express (currently running on time), having been ruthlessly tied to the tracks by the arch villan (boo hisss)...

Shrodingers Box

Shrodingers Box Epitaph:

Not exactly a cat death, but you can test if the cat is still alive by seeing if one of the other treatments kills it.

Drowned in Cream

Drowned in Cream Epitaph:

The old favorite

Blair-tak Familiar Project

Blair-tak Familiar Project Epitaph:


Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted Epitaph:

Died of a broken heart.


Southpark Epitaph:

"You killed kitty. You B***d!"


Cenobite Epitaph:

A real hell raiser


Terminated Epitaph:

You won't be baach!

Edward scisor paws

Edward scisor paws Epitaph:

The directors cut

Staple Diet

Staple Diet Epitaph:

When ostritches were first discovered they were thought to live on a diet of iron

Lego Death

Lego Death Epitaph:

Not quite a block death but…


Cludo Epitaph:


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