The nine life problem

The 9 life problem - if you give a cat a fatal voltage, then one of its lives is used. If you apply this voltage 9 times, you will kill it. But if ou apply 9 times the voltage all in one go, does this use up 1 life because this voltage will kill the cat, or 9 lives because it could kill the cat 9 times over? Are cats lives cumulative, so if I half kill a cat 18 times it will eventually die?

Is possible to kill a cat using only 5 bullets if you must ensure each makes a fatal wound which will use up one life per bullet. Then its four remaining lives will be used by the lead poisoning resulting from having the bullets within it.

What is the recovery time for a dead cat?, how long does one have to drown a cat to drown each of its 9 lives? Is the recovery time indeterminate, ie it will recover once out of danger so one could keep a cat underwater for 1 hour or 1 month and only use 1 life, but no soon as it came to the surface it would revive?

These are the sort of unanswered questions that keep me awake at night...

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