Calendar - If you have access to a printer then you can make your own custom wall callendar showing one page per month, each with your favorite Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery image.

Ascii-Art - Little cartoons that can be sent as text in emails or on mobile phones.

Screen saver


We also have a giftshop at Blu-tack Cat Gift Shop so you can get original Blu-tack Cat products. If you have any suggestions for things that you would like to see here, please forward the information to thank you.

Mouse mats - ($13:00 each) - How about customising your online experience with one of our seven special edition mouse mats.

Gardening can be dangerous work

We are also working on a 'death clock' so please, watch this space.


Either select one of our recommended books from the list below, or visit to purchase other books that you may require.

101 Uses for a Dead Cat - Through our affiliation with you can buy this book just by clicking on the link.

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