Newsletter For 04 June 2005

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June newsletter from the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery

Sent : 04/06/2005

Dear Fan,

Itís been nearly half a year now since our last message, and we have still been beavering away on your behalf, improving the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery.

In this issue we are launching our gift shop, courtesy of We now have a special edition mouse mat featuring being eaten by Triffid on

As always we endeavour to bring you new and innovative means of death for blu-tack cats, and this latest release is no different. We have yet more new deaths including the famous 'who-dun-it' game of Cleudo and the bane of modern life, mobile phone radiation

Finally we have also been improving games section and have added a couple of new wrinkles to our mind bender memory puzzle Now you can scramble your grey matter even more efficiently by choosing how many different images you want to play with as well as how many instances of an image you have to match.

We hope you enjoy the updates...

the Blu-Tack Cat

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p.p.s At the Blu-Tack Cat that we have managed to keep the site free of advertising, however in this issue, we are trialling a bit of advertising. We hope it will not spoil your entertainment too much, and may even be of use.

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