Newsletter For 13 November 2004

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November newsletter from the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery

Sent : 13/11/2004

Dear Fan,

Since our last newsletter trumpeting our relaunch, we have been updating the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery.

In this issue we celebrating our association with Amazon, so if you visit Amazon, please do so via the links on your favorite site, the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery. Or maybe you are interested in purchasing the classic '101 Uses for a Dead Cat' as featured on the Blu-Tack Cat Death Gallery at

Also, in our ongoing quest to illustrate all possible means of demise for a blu-tack cat, we have some new deaths including being eaten by a triffid and being attacked by Lego characters

Finally we also have a new game where you have to remember where you last saw a death image and find its matching pair

We hope you enjoy the updates...

the Blu-Tack Cat

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