The most common forms of weapons all rely on inserting foreign matter into the body of the adversary...

Miscellaneous Home Page Predation


Hole-in-the-head Epitaph:

A less than useful accessory for a cat unless one wants to have it as a pendant or for holding matches or something.


Paper-cut Epitaph:

They say the worst form of cut is a paper cut so why not use a paper knife to slice and dice your cat

Poison pen

Poison pen Epitaph:

They say the pen is mightier than the sword - Get the point?

Shot full of lead

Shot full of lead Epitaph:

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but where does that put the pencil


Spiked Epitaph:

I acknowledge reciept of one blu-tack cat

Body piercing

Body piercing Epitaph:

Punk pussy


Bamboo Epitaph:

A different sort of growing-pain.

Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails Epitaph:

Allegedly very theraputic but works even better if you allow yourself to sink into the mattress


Fork Epitaph:

What the forků (redo with the cat impaled with the prongs right through it)

Under the knife

Under the knife Epitaph:

Me Aowww!

Rubber bullet

Rubber bullet Epitaph:

Victim of 'the troubles'.

Miscellaneous Home Page Predation

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