Introduce natural or unnatural enimies of blu-tack cats into the environment and see how they control the population...

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Eaten Epitaph:

Two slices of bread and a cat please.


Trophy Epitaph:

No hunter should be without this memorabilia


Triffid Epitaph:

John Wyndham had an excellent solution in 'Day of the Triffids'.

Bitten by a crocodile clip

Bitten by a crocodile clip Epitaph:

Their smile belies the fact that they are just as likely to take an arm and a leg

Cat Food

Cat Food Epitaph:

Cat and two veg


Cannibal Epitaph:

If you like eating pussy...


Catonese Epitaph:

Take the taste away with a dash of chilli sauce


Wedding Epitaph:

Till death do you part.

Bitten Kitten

Bitten Kitten Epitaph:

Sink your teeth into fresh pussy

Penetration Home Page Surreal

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