They may be bizar, but if they work...

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Caught by a mouse

Caught by a mouse Epitaph:

Cats often play with mice and accidents can sometimes happen.

Caught by a bull-dog

Caught by a bull-dog Epitaph:

Ruff treatment.

Sent to Hell

Sent to Hell Epitaph:

Special delivery for a Mr S. A. Tan, resident of 666 Helview Place Brimstone DE5 1L


Murdered Epitaph:

Quick - get Mrs Marbles on the case.


Redshift Epitaph:

See how cats cope when the rules of space and time break down


Erazed Epitaph:

The blu-tack cat must be rubbed out...

Inverse manx

Inverse manx Epitaph:

A demonstration of what you could do with selective breeding...

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer Epitaph:

Aliens killed my catů (redo the flying saucer with the saucer up the cats bottom and lifting the cats hind lesg of the floor)

Predation Home Page Asphyxiation

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